Sleepstorm released video to Choose To Be Happy

Here's our video for our song Choose To Be Happy from our first album. Hope you like it.

The story about our 1st album "Dream Big"

It was a nice sunny weekend in May 2014 when Bas, Michel and Martin Jan stayed in an authentic house in the Ardennes, Belgium. They started an alternative project alongside their 5 piece band Sleepstorm. The result was the birth of the first six songs from the debut album Dream Big. All titles were taken from a canvas with 10 motivational sayings that hung on the wall in this house. Later that year, the remaining four songs were composed.

Album leads to break-up

Initially, it was not intended to bring this material live. However, indirectly this album led to the break-up as predicted in the title track Dream Big. Then in early 2015 the singer and drummer left the band. The remaining three musicians decided to change the repertoire. They continued to operate under the same name Sleepstorm (invented by Michel) and Bas became the new singer.

In order to release the CD some things needed to be recorded again. Lyrics and music were refined and then mixed and mastered. On December 13, 2015 the time was right: the album was presented at the first gig of Sleepstorm new style.

No joyful album

Although one would expect Dream Big to be a cheerful album, due to the 10 songs having explicitly positive titles, this is not really the case. The atmosphere fluctuates from despair, gloomy resignation and melancholy to moderate optimism and hope.

You can download the album Dream Big from iTunes for only € 7.99:

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