Dream Big (2015)

Dream Big (2015)

It was a nice sunny weekend in May 2014 when Bas, Michel and Martin Jan stayed in an authentic Belgium Ardennes holiday home. They started an alternative music project next to their five-man band Sleepstorm from the region of Twente. It resulted in the first six electro-rocksongs from their debut album "Dream Big". All titles were taken from a wall-sided canvas with ten positive sayings on it. The other four songs were written later that yea

Album leading to break-up

Being it a side-project, these songs were at first not meant to be performed live on stage. But indirectly they actually led to the break-up, as unintentionally predicted in title song Dream Big. When the singer and drummer left Sleepstorm in the beginning of 2015, the remaining three musicians decided to completely change their repertoire. They kept the name Sleepstorm and Bas took on singing.

To be able to decently publish the album things had to be recorded again. Lyrics and music were refined, then mixed and mastered. On December 13th 2015 it became real: Sleepstorm presented this debut-album during their first live performance in the new setup.

Not a happy album

Despite the distinct positive titles of the ten songs, "Dream Big" hasn't become a happy album. The ambiance fluctuates between despair, gloomy resignation and melancholy up till moderate optimism and a dash of hope.

Sleepstorm - Dream Big (2015)

  1. Dream Big (5:07)
  2. Say Please And Thank You (4:08)
  3. Try Your Best (4:35)
  4. Be Grateful (3:53)
  5. Choose To Be Happy (4:26)
  6. Smile (4:20)
  7. Hug Often (5:06)
  8. Offer To Help (3:56)
  9. Sing Laugh Dance (3:37)
  10. Remember You Are Loved (3:23)

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