Desire for the unreachable, have you never experienced that? An unrequited love, a lost faith, a long-cherished youth dream, a goal that has not yet been completed or ever completely failed. That's what Sleepstorm's music is about. Their guitar oriented melancholic electro-pop provides a romantic glance at the down side of life. Listening to their third album "Autumn Sunset" (2019), you experience an imaginary roadmovie passing lonely moments and sleepless nights. Ten instrumental songs draw up a movie refering to both 1970's based French cinema as well as the big Hollywood styled "indie-movies" from the last 25 years.

Also check out Autumn Sunset.

A sign with 10 positive motto's (or slogans) on a wall in an authentic Ardennes holiday home was the reason for the release of Sleepstorms first album "Dream Big" (2015). Never before was so much optimism killed in such a short time using heavy lyrics and compelling music. The songs on the postmodernist second album, titled "The Dark Of The Day" (2017), are darker, more mysterious, more imaginative and more exciting. A sensitive album about the ups and downs in life.

About Sleepstorm




  • Guitar oriented melancholic electro-pop

Birth of a band

Sleepstorm is founded on the remains of some local Dutch formations. These include Desert Rose, Fables, Jelly Flower, Imperium and Souls of Inbetween, all of them Hengelo (the Netherlands) oriented bands.


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