Bas van de Wiel - bass, vocals

Musical career:

"Ever since I had a radio-cassetteplayer in my room as a young kid, I recorded all kinds of music from the radio on tape and sung and played along with it on a single snare-drum. This fortunately changed during high-school years in Zwolle when I was asked to play along in a schoolband with some friends. There I got my hands on a fretless bass-guitar and started to just play some tunes that came to mind that fitted the rest of the music.

In a few years time the schoolband participated in a inter-regional contest in Groningen where it won in 1991. Soon after that the band-members graduated and went their separate ways.
But I still came back to Zwolle for several years to play with two of my friends in the projects Dutch Comfort and Barok. From this period 'The Hengelo Sessions' and the album 'Sympathy and Distrust' are still memorable.

I had moved to Hengelo in 1992 for studies and soon joined a new band Jelly Flower with several other students. This band followed the same schoolband-development as it got locally known and ended abruptly as the bandmembers graduated their studies.

After that in 1997 I joined several small projects like Souldesert and Mircalla and in 2005 I founded my own 3-man-band SuperGenius in which I take on lead vocals and bass.

During most of my years in Hengelo I've been in friendly and musical contact with Martin Jan and Michel, which resulted in the forming of Sleepstorm in 2008."

Musical influences:

"All music influences, but the most meaningful are bands like Rush, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, New Model Army, Deep Purple, Jeff Buckley, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Tool, Madonna, Underworld, Prince, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Porcupine Tree, Sisters of Mercy, Miles Davis, Dire Straits, The Police, Van Halen, et cetera."


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