Michel Cerrone - guitars

Musical career:

"I started playing guitar on an old borrowed acoustic guitar with an attachable pick-up that I played over my stereo set. Soon after I started a hardrock band with my brother Rob Cerrone (drums) and sister Jackelien Cerrone (bass). This evolved to the band Mordor. This band featured among others Remco Nijkamp (bass), Michel Lucarelli (vocals) and Patrick Gerritzen (drums).


At some point Remco and I followed Michel Lucarelli to Sacrosanct, the new band of Randy Meinhard (ex-Pestilence). We played on a couple of demo's and the debut album "Truth Is - What Is".


After some musical and other differencies Remco and I took off and started Imperium. In this band my brother Rob was on guitars and Patrick Gerritzen was back on drums. The singer André Vuurboom was stolen from a local band Adetar. After two demo's a record deal was signed with Mascot Records and we recorded one album called "Too Short A Season". After Rob leaving the band and the band being unhappy with the lack of support from the record company, we decided to quit with Mascot, rename the band to Souls Of Inbetween and then made one demo tape. Finally the band split up. Nowadays Rob and André are again playing in a band together, called Sphere Of Souls.


After some years my longtime friend Martin Jan van Dalen called me because he was starting a new band and was looking for musicians. Although I know Martin Jan for years we never played in a serious band together. This would be the first time for that. The band was later called Sleepstorm."

Musical influences:

"After many years of musical training in my youth, I picked up the guitar after hearing Deep Purple's live album Made in Japan. After that I only listened to all kind of hard rock and heavy metal bands, from AC/DC to Motorhead, Kiss, UFO (Michael Schenker!) and more guitar oriented bands like Alcatrazz (Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai), Cacophony (Marty Friedman and Jason Becker), Racer X (Paul Gilbert) and many more.

Nowadays I also like other styles of music, as long as there's any sensible melody in it (so I dislike a lot more).

Favorite bands today (in alfabetic order): Aimee Mann, Audioslave, Coldplay, Depeche Mode (great clip by Anton Corbijn!), Garbage, K's Choice, Keane, King's X, Muse, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Queensrÿche, Sade, Sheryl Crow, The Cardigans, The Prodigy, U2 every now and then, Zero 7."


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